January, 2008, a webcast series premiered under the direction of Todd Wolfe, Terry Campbell and Scott Gruenwald, three paranormal investigators who have in their possession; an 80 year old mansion. The Haunted Wolfe Manor Live drew investigators from around the country to participate in the uniquely televised weekly event.

This DVD portrays the Mansion as envisioned by Todd Wolfe, who is the current owner of the site and plans to convert it into a hotel. Along with Scott Gruenwald and Terry Campbell, they attempt to attract the attention of the Manson's permanent tenants. But who is to say that these three ghost hunters are welcomed by the spirits who are uneager to have guests on their terrain. Using tactics that are uncommon and unsafe for many paranormal investigators, they attempt to bring out the spirits of the Wolfe Manor. Todd Wolfe says he is not afraid of the spirits in his mansion, and he is out to prove the Wolfe Manor's reputation as one of the world's most haunted locations.

Full episodes are broadcast every Saturday at 7PM PST at www.wolfemanorhotel.com.


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The Best of The Haunted Wolfe Manor Live


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The Wolfe Manor was originally built in 1922 as a private residence. It was easily the most opulent mansion in Clovis at the time, complete with a swimming pool in the basement and a ball room on the fourth floor. The original owner, Anthony Andriotti was bankrupted due to the enormous cost to build it and subsequently lost the house a couple of years later.

The Mansion was purchased in 1935 and became the Hazelwood Sanitarium, treating patients with terminal illnesses (TB, etc). It was sold again in 1942 and became the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium. It was licensed to treat mental illness by the State Board of Mental Hygiene.

Interviews with ex staff and retired Clovis police officers indicate that it seemed there were one or more deaths at the Sanitarium every day. Many ex employees have come forward to confess quitting soon after they were hired due to the excessive amount of deaths and mal- treatment at the Manor. Many have also reported supernatural occurrences as well, contributing to their decision to leave.

Wolfe Manor has become a landmark paranormal location in the Western United States and attracts researchers from all over the nation. People have experienced contact with the unknown by being physically touched, collecting EVP recordings (easily hundreds), photographic and video evidence, witnessing disembodied voices and actually seeing full blown apparitions.

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